Hudson’s Hope

On September 4, 2021, the Founder of Puppy Up, Luke Robinson, lost his third Great Pyrenees, Hudson, to cancer, inspiring his third walk and a new pillar for the Foundation – Cancer Treatment.

Of the 6 million new cases of cancer in our canine companions, most of them go untreated due to the increasingly high costs of treatment. As our toolbox of technologies available to diagnose and treat continues to expand prices naturally do as well. And although pet insurance has become a more viable option for parents, the gold standard of cancer care – typically the treatment option which offers the longest prognosis – remains unaffordable.

Hudson was a ten-year survivor of three different types of cancer and as the beneficiary of tremendous advancements in veterinary medicine, Luke Robinson envisioned the Hudson’s Hope Fund to ensure that every one of our canine companions has access to the best care.

We will announce when the application process for Hudson’s Hope Fund formally begins.

Please Note: We will make an announcement when the Application Process formally begins.

Grant Criteria

As difficult as it is for The Puppy Up Foundation to limit pet parents who can apply, we want to help pet parents whose dogs have the most favorable prognoses or best possible outcomes from the grant. If we do our jobs right and continue to grow our pool of available funds for grants, we can expand our applicants or ease limitations. But as of the inception of Hudson’s Hope Fund, here are the criteria for grant approval.

  • Confirmed diagnosis of canine cancer of any type via biopsy.
  • A reasonable response or outcome to treatment as determined by a board-certified veterinary oncologist.
  • Financial commitment to treatment plan verified by the veterinary clinic.

What the Grant Covers

  • Hudson’s Hope Grants coverage includes any and all accepted diagnostics or therapeutics as part of a treatment plan from a board-certified veterinary oncologist.
  • Veterinary expenses up to $7,500.
  • Unfortunately, The Grant does not cover travel or non-veterinary expenses.

How It Works

Round 1 Grants

We are limiting Round 1 to the first 50 applicants that meet the above criteria, verification of which begins after the application process has closed.

Once announced, the funds will be made available directly to the veterinary clinic. Upon the successful completion of Round 1 Grant Fundraising ends and the funds are disbursed, Round 2 begins for the next group of Hudson’s Heroes… Repeat until all dogs with cancer are treated!

As part of an agreement to administer the Hudson’s Hope Fund, The Puppy Up Foundation will follow the grant recipients throughout treatment and their journey through recovery!  

We will announce when the Application Process formally begins.

Hudson’s Hope Fund is a program through The Puppy Up Foundation, a 501 c(3) Non Profit. Through its other four Pillars, Education, Awareness, Pet Parent Empowerment, and Scientific Research, Puppy Up’s mission is eradicating cancer in our companion animals. Learn More about Puppy Up.

Please direct questions to Ginger Morgan, Executive Director