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NFT Auction for Canine Cancer Treatment

Since I lost Malcolm, my first dog to cancer, I’ve been a kind of walking canvas as a means for conveying the value of companions in society. Inspired by the NFT community, I am now translating the love and loss of my canine mates to visual and digital arts.  Nearby is the WIP (Work In Progress) of my first NFT I’ll mint very soon.  While I’m on Walk 3, I’ll have my iPad Air4 in my pack and post art along the way to auction off for the cause.  It’s a fascinating new aspect of my travels and I’m making new friends in the NFT artist community.

If you’re an NFT Artist looking for visibility, we’re hosting an online auction as part of the Final Mile celebration in November.  Donate a complete work or a WIP for canine cancer treatment!  DM me on Twitter @2Dogs2000Miles or email:  

Puppy Up and WGMI!