NFT Collection

Welcome to the First Canine Cancer NFT Auction Hosted by The Puppy Up Foundation!

The auction is run through The Puppy Up Foundation and anyone can bid on the artwork.  All bids are in US Dollars.  The winning bidder can then elect to purchase the NFT directly from OpenSea with ETH instead of cash and the digital rights to that NFT will be transferred to the collector. 

Cash bidders who win the auction for the artwork can have the NFT transferred to an OpenSea account within 7 days or The Puppy Up Foundation will retain the ownership of the artwork in its collection. 

Any reserves set by artists will be settled within 7 days of the completion of the auction November 12th, 2022.

Hudson Papi Blue
Hudson + Indiana
Hudson and His Red Boots
Hudson The Fourth Of
Hudson Head Surprise
Hudson Head Blue
I Heart Hudson
BLeU Hudson
Hudson's Ashes in Aquamarine Gouache
Hudson Dark Art
Hudson Head Tabi's Basement
Murphy Has Fallen

Use of proceeds

Net proceeds from the auction will go the Hudson’s Hope Fund for the treatment of cancer in dogs, established after the founder of Puppy Up lost his third dog, Hudson, to the disease.  The fund is managed by The Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit that has invested over $2 million towards canine cancer education, awareness and research. 


As a new artist, I’m very sensitive to all the scams out there so, I am always directly available to anyone who is interested in donating their artwork for this cause.  DM me on Twitter/Insta @2Dogs2000Miles or email me: or my personal OpenSea – 0x29F6071aF1217F82F1a4CBA1625bFdA6370D885a

NFTs are my future and while I’m confident we will sell art and get some market traction, I welcome feedback or ideas to help ensure the success of this auction.  Thanks and Puppy Up!  JLR