The Walk

Trailheads and Timeline

Henderson Lake – LAUNCH

September 21, 2022 is Launch Day! Walk 3 starts where the Hudson River begins – at Henderson Lake, Newcomb New York, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains.  Like Walk 1 & 2, we’ll be hosting a launch event, the plans and specifics forthcoming as we have them formalized.  The starting point is easily accessible by trailhead and a roughly 2-mile walk.

The following is a ‘guide’ or estimated timeline of our Walking Plan. In looking at the map, these stopping points seemed like good trailheads to meet up with folks who want to come out and walk with Grayson and me.  But, since we’re not native to the area, if you have a better location that’s not too far off the path as they say, please let us know with an email to –

As of April 1, 2022, here are our Trailheads, probably spaced every 20 or so miles.

North Creek

Approximately 35 miles from starting point, our path to North Creek is uncertain for now.  If we choose the more direct route 28N, we will loose the Hudson River for a good stretch but I’m not sure whether trails exist for alternate routes.  I would love to walk the Hudson Gorge Wildernessbut time is a huge consideration.


We’re at the 52 mile mark give or take which means we’re about 10 days into the walk by now.

Hudson Falls Area

70 miles into Walk 3 now and this seems like a beautiful area to connect with other people and their companions on the trail.


At this point we’re 90 or so miles into the walk, or based on current rough estimates, 1/3rd of the way through the Hudson River Walk.  Target date for Schuleryville is the end of September.

Albany Area

The capitol of the state clocks in at around the 125 mile mark and we’re definitely planning an awareness event here.  If you’re in the area and would like to help with planning the Albany event, email us at

Hudson, NY

But of course Grayson and I will be stopping at this historic city founded in the late 1700s yet somehow was named after my sweet baby boy!   Please Let us know the sites to see.


We love love this area and with the famous Walkway Over the Hudson pedestrian bridge, it’s definitely a destination spot on our walk.  And we have lots of friends of the fuzzybutts and a walk in New Paltz so expect some sort of party at mile marker 200-ish or 2/3rd the way through Walk 3!

Hudson Highlands State Park

At around 225 miles into the walk, we’ll be at this spectacular state park and plan on spending a night there.  Campfire stories with some companions?

Croton on Hudson

23 miles or so from the State Park and as we get closer to the ‘city’, trailheads and walking trails will have to be more strategically placed, this area seems like an ideal place to meet and greet with some friendly faces.

The George Washington Bridge

One of the great pleasures from Walk 1 was the historic mighty GW and we’re going to loop it this time starting on the east side to Fort Lee and back around.  Two times over the Hudson River.  Making the final stretch into the city, it’s 275 miles into our walk and no later than the second week of November 2022!

New York City

From GW, it’s about a 12 mile walk through the city to our starting point for the Final Mile on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.  We’ll take two days to enjoy our promenade through Gotham for people to join us in Central Park and along the Hudson River esplanade.  Times and locations coming as we have them!

The Final Mile – The Brooklyn Bridge

The same holds true for the final mile.  

Join Grayson and Luke at 11:30 am on the Manhattan side of the Bridge as they walk over it into Brooklyn.

That’s 290 miles or so added to the 4,000 already on the books.  Seems wee when I write this but it’s going to present some pretty significant challenges.  However, also on the plus side, Grayson and I start Walk 3 at roughly 2,800 ft in elevation making our way to the Atlantic Ocean which is the sea level making our trek literally downhill the entire way.

Actually, it’s a whole lot of ups and downs as were the previous two walks before. But with 6 months til launch, it’s time to train and prepare for the Hudson River Walk.  Puppy Up. Talk Soon. Grayson & Luke Robinson, YBD