Welcome to Walk 3 Website & Hudson’s Hope

Well, it’s taken our talented team quite the time and effort to put together both a fitting memorial for my beautiful boy and the beginning of a new chapter for the Puppy Up Foundation:  Hudson’s Hope

From our formal announcement: 

‘On September 4, 2021, the Founder of Puppy Up, Luke Robinson, lost his third Great Pyrenees, Hudson, to cancer, inspiring his third walk and a new pillar for the Foundation – Cancer Treatment.

Of the 6 million new cases of cancer in our canine companions, most of them go untreated due to the increasingly high costs of treatment. As our toolbox of technologies available to diagnose and treat continues to expand prices naturally do as well. And although pet insurance has become a more viable option for parents, the gold standard of cancer care – typically the treatment option which offers the longest prognosis – remains unaffordable.

Hudson was a ten-year survivor of three different types of cancer and as the beneficiary of tremendous advancements in veterinary medicine, Luke Robinson envisioned the Hudson’s Hope Fund to ensure that every one of our canine companions has access to the best care.’


Our Goal for The Hudson River Walk is raising $100,000 for our first Fund and from this round of fundraising, we anticipate treating between 12-15 cancer dogs.  The application process begins at the conclusion of Walk 3 – November 14, 2022. 

Find more information about this ambitious new program as part of the Puppy Up Foundation here – https://hudsonriverwalk.org/hudsons-hope/

In 96 days, Grayson and I set out on a world record setting ten-week, 300-mile trek from the beginning of the Hudson River up in the Adirondacks down to its end in New York City.  Follow us on social media as we ready ourselves for this historic third walk and help us raise $100,000 for Hudson’s Hope!