Fuzzybutts & Friends

February this year marked the continuation of a project I started a over decade ago: podcasting. It wasn’t called that back in 2011 after my first walk but Raising Indiana was my first attempt at broadcasting my love of dogs and what I would later learn as the value of our companions. The technology was terribly nascent, I didn’t have the right team & it wasn’t the right time for me either but I was confident one day all the ingredients would be ready.

Just like so many of my creations that percolate over long periods, they culminate quickly into a single viable concept and are ready for launch. Fuzzybutts & Friends came together that fast over the winter and after investing in a very decent makeshift studio, we recently dropped our 20th episode! Honestly, I haven’t checked the analytics or performance data because we’re still so new but the feedback we’re getting is great.

Like most nearly everything I do on a daily basis, Fuzzybutts & Friends is founded on solving the pandemic of cancer in our animal companions but as I have learned through my travels and understanding of our shared ecosystem and epigenetics: cancer is us. we are cancer. Every decision we make for ourselves and our companions at a fundamental level affects us genetically and that has the downstream potential of becoming the seeming insurmountable problem at an unprecedented scale we’re now confronted with.

6 million new cases every year in our canine companions alone should have every dog dad and mom freaking the eff out. WE HAVE DONE SOMETHING HORRIBLY WRONG. Nature doesn’t deal in those numbers. Long-term, species die out.

So, here at Fuzzybutts & Friends we’re going to have as much fun possible while trying to figure out WTF we’ve done wrong to our fuzzybutts. And, more importantly, we’re going to provide pet parents with as much information as it takes to make better decisions for their fuzzybutts or at least fewer wrong decisions. It was exceptionally difficult to write that paragraph without yelling at myself at the same time. YBD is not the best dog dad.

From music calming our canine companions to cancer diets, cannabis for dogs, Frunk Puppies, the Doge community, how clinical trials work, pet telemedicine, and advanced diagnostics to immunotherapy we’re covering a whole host of cutting edge topics for the future of fuzzybutts. And we’re just getting started.

New episodes of Fuzzybutts & Friends drop every Tuesday that you can lap up either via video on our YouTube Channel or audio on most of the major podcast platforms or on our main website for Fuzzybutts and Friends with our Buzzsprout host. We’re working on a proper launching pad for the podcast but with bandwidth and resources allocated mostly towards Walk 3 now, that probably won’t come online until winter.

For guest or discussion recommendations, email me at jlucas@FuzzybuttStudios.com. Puppy Up. Talk soon – YBD